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These files are NOT small, they are not usable for dialup Internet users. These demos have been archived as flash movies or .mp4 files and best used if you download them to your computer.  In Firefox, right click and select "Save Link As..."  In Internet Explorer, right click and select "Save Target As..."

This is a work in progress.  We will add more demos as our free time allows.  We have copies of some demos from over 10 years ago.  Please send comments/suggestions to

Also this is a service that should be limited to club members only.  So please do not share these files or this link with non-club members.

If you have trouble viewing these files, we highly recommend using VLC as your viewer of choice. See the links page on the club website for a link to download VLC. MC3 links page

We can use your help however!  When you listen to one of these demos and if there is no description here.  Please send us a sentence or two about the demo and who gave it.  Thanks!

2020 Demos

Gmail_Part1 57MEg Presenter: John Luff

Gmail_Part2 15Meg Presenter: John Luff

Chrome Browser Part 1 57Meg Presenter: Jack Luff

Chrome Browser Part 2 14Meg Presenter: Jack Luff

2019 Demos

Linux Part 1 176Meg Presenter:

Linux Part 2 14Meg Presenter:

Photos Part 1 266Meg Presenter:

Photos Part 2 64Meg Presenter:

Performance Benchmarks Part 1 136Meg Presenter:

Performance Benchmarks Part 2 27Meg Presenter:

Databases and GPS Part 1 158Meg Presenter:

Databases and GPS Part 2 138Meg Presenter:

2018 Demos

Linux 104Meg Presenter:

Win10 Security 93Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Win10 Security part 2 90Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Win10 Backups 96Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Win10 Backups part 2 30Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

2017 Demos

Team Viewer 42Meg Presenter: John Katkus

AdBlock PiHole Part1 64Meg Presenter: Ken Schuring

AdBlock PiHole Part2 27Meg Presenter: Ken Schuring

AddBlock PiHile Part3 4Meg Presenter: Ken Schuring

WiFi site/house analysis 53Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese

Bluetooth rfid NFD 40Meg Presenter: Al Edlund

Twitter Facebook Part1 73Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Twitter Facebook Part2 3Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Bluetooth RFID RFC 38Meg Presenter: Al Edlund

Hardware Part1 76Meg Presenter: Al Edlund

Hardware Part2 6Meg Presenter: Al Edlund

Browsers Part1 790Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner and Lyle Giese

Browsers Part2 517Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner and Lyle Giese

Win 10 part 1 Part1 1gig Presenter: Bob Wagner

Win 10 part2 48Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

2016 Demos

Ext HardDrive demo Part1 1gig Presenter: Lyle Giese

Ect Hard Drive demo Part2 86Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese

Email Filters Part1 1gig Presenter: Bob Wagner

Email Filters Part2 690Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Chromebook Part1 1gig Presenter: Ken Schuring

Chromebook Part2 571Meg Presenter: Ken Schuring

Win 10 Powerpoint for below presentation 1.3Meg Presenter: Jim Beierle

Win 10 Shortcuts 919Meg Presenter: Jim Beierle

Sway Part1 1gig Presenter: Cindi Carrigan

Sway Part2 264Meg Presenter: Cindi Carrigan

WiFi 595Meg Presenter: Al Edlund

ChromeCast 830Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese

2015 Demos

Windows 10 Part1 1Gig Presenter: Bob Wagner

Windows 10 Part2 588Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

MalwareBytes and CCleaner part1 957Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

MalwareBytes and CCleaner part2 479Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Drones 849 Meg Presenter: Al Schrader

Garmen GPS part1 1,008Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Garmen GPS part2 329Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

ZORN Linux part1 503Meg Presenter: John Katkus

ZORN Linux part2 784Meg Presenter: John Katkus

PDF software part1 684Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

PDF Software part2 73Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Router Configuration part1 670Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese

Router Configuration part2 470Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese

2014 Demos

Skype and Hangouts part1 670Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Skype and Hangouts part2 135Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Office365  790Meg Presenter: Cindi Carrigan

Office Online Demo Part 1  670Meg Presenter: Jack Luft

Office Online Demo Part 2  140Meg Presenter: Jack Luft

Windows Tablet Demo Part 1  626Meg Presenter: Bruce Wallace

Windows Tablet Demo Part 2  155Meg Presenter: Bruce Wallace

Characters on the computer Part 1  840Meg Presenter: Luce York

Characters on the computer Part 2  170Meg Presenter: Luce York

Programs for the Stars in the sky Part 1  1.5Gig Presenter: Lem Erta

Programs for the Stars in the sky Part 2  85Meg Presenter: Lem Erta

Linux Install Part 1  650Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese

Linux Install Part 2  178Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese

Yahoo Finance Part 1  1.2Gig Presenter: George Boulett

Yahoo Finance Part 2  178Meg Presenter: George Boulett

Google Talk Part 1  867Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Google Talk Part 2  486Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

2013 Demos

Camera Photos Part 1  815Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Camera Photos Part 2  593Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

OpenOffice Part 1  857Meg Presenter: Jim Bierele

OpenOffice Part 2  49Meg Presenter: Jim Bierele

WordPress Part 1  810Meg Presenter: Cindi Carrigan

WordPress Part 2  668Meg Presenter: Cindi Carrigan

Family Ancestory Part 1  690Meg Presenter: Shirley Teetsov

Family Ancestory Part 2  353Meg Presenter: Shirley Teetsov

RSS and other neat web stuff 487Meg Presenter: Jim Bierele

Microsoft Ribbon Interface Part 2 154Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Microsoft Ribbon Interface Part 1 474eg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Security Cameras 2 Part 1 427Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese

Security Cameras 2 Part 2 242Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese

Youtube Part 1 336Meg Presenter: Al Edlund

Youtube Part 2 66Meg Presenter: Al Edlund

Windows8 Customizations Part 2 93Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner and Al Schrader Part 2

Windows8 Customizations Part 1 335Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner and Al Schrader Part 1

Ancestry Part 2 256Meg Presenter: John Katkus Ancestry Part 2

2012 Demos

Email Fraud examples 344Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese Email Fraud part 1

Email Fraud examples 10Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese Email Fraud part 2

Free Programs 344Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner Free programs part 1

Free Programs 67Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner Free programs part 2

Wifi part1 338 Meg Presenter: Al Edlund Wifi part 1

Wifi part2 435Meg Presenter: Al Edlund Wifi part 2

Word 2010 256Meg Presenter: Luce York

Facebook Part1 344Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Facebook Part2 70Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner

Create a Web Site 237Meg Presenter: Al Schrader

Genealogy 243Meg Presenter: John Katkus

Mail Merge with Office 2010 202Meg Presenter: Luce York

2011 Demos

Premiere Elements 65Meg Presenter: Cindi Carrigan About Adobe Premiere Elements.

Part 2 of above demo 92Meg Presenter: Cindi Carrigan

Access 290Meg Presenter: John Katkus Microsoft Access

Excel 435Meg Presenter: Jack Luff Microsoft Excel

Browsers 378Meg Presenter: Jim Bierle Different browsers to use w/Windows

Excel Q&A 440Meg Presenter: Jack Luff Microsoft Excel

Misc Internet sites 424Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese Misc interesting websites

Email 1 of 2 463Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner Email program/websites

Email 2 of 2 119Meg Presenter: Bob Wagner Email program/websites

Free Utility programs 159Meg Presenter: Al Schrader Free useful programs

Word 345Meg Presenter: Luce York Microsoft Word2010 part1

Word 8Meg Presenter: Luce York Microsoft Word2010 part2

2010 Demos

Clonezilla  310Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese A quick overview of Clonezilla and how to backup an entire hard drive.

Liberkey  150meg Presenter: Bill Lapp A look at Liberkey, a suite of portable apps available for install on a flash drive

PhotoShop Elements  160 meg Presenter Cindi Carrigan  A how-to useing Photoshop elements to help preserve old photos.

TruCrypt  150Meg Presenter: Lyle Giese TruCrypt is a program to encrypt or password protect files on your hard drive or a flash drive.

iPod & iTunes  270meg Presenter: Jim Bierle A demo of an iPod and iTunes.

Laser Printers  450Meg Presenter: Richard Hoppe A look inside laser printers and their cartridges.

Networking  285meg Presenter: Lyle Giese How to network & share hard drive resources between two Windows computers

Office2007  380meg Presenter: Jack Luff 

Undated Demos

If you view any of these, please provide a short description like above and who the presenter was.  Many of these are from our early Windows/DOS days or feature dialup Internet access.

Acronyms 169Meg John Katkus

AOL Dialup 55Meg Al Schrader

Clean your machine Part 1 39Meg Part 2 394Meg

Config.sys & Autoexec.bat 285Meg

CorelDraw 5 312Meg

CorelDraw 7 Part 1 236Meg Part 2 49Meg

Faxing 248Meg

Ghost 297Meg

DOS Memory Managers 271Meg

MultiConfiguration 177Meg Presenter Adam Giese  A look at DOS multiconfiguration options in config.sys/autoexec.bat

Multimedia 249Meg Presenter Bob Wagner

Myst Part 1 55Meg Part 2 45Meg

OmniPagePro 194Meg

PhotoShop 271Meg

Pkzip & Shez 226Meg

QuantumLink 79Meg Al Schrader online service for Commodore 64 & 128 personal computers that operated from Nov 5, 1985 to Nov 1, 1994

Quicken & Microsoft Money Part 1 153Meg Part 2 34Meg Part 3 108Meg

Searching the Internet 225Meg

Sparq Drive 299Meg

Stacker 135Meg

Windows95 Part 1 260Meg Part 2 172Meg Al Schrader & John Katkus Windows 95 overview

Windows95 Registry 195meg

Windows98 255Meg

Winzip 211meg

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